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A Picture is Worth a Gazillion Words...

Head over to the File Cabinet for some far-out photos of groovy stuff...

Recent Additions/Changes

11/10/03 - Added a couple new pages to the file cabinet; Soviet Airwar in Afghanistan and B-25 Mitchells of the 75th BS.

10/31/03 - Okay, SFP's Links page is steadily growing with around 80 links. Next up in that area is to add reference sites...

There's now a 'Books & Rags' page where you'll eventually find a buncha reviews of books and magazines. Right now there's just one review but I'll add several more in the coming week. (I can hear ya'll now, "SURE you will, Steve...") :P

The File Cabinet is back up. Only three galleries at the moment but two are totally new; one on the Polikarpov Po-2 and another on the 136th FIS/TFS which has operated out of Niagara Falls, NY since the late 40's to early 50's.

Uh... also alotta little changes here and there, mostly 'housecleaning' and tidy-ing up of the site.
10/29/03 - Phew!! Been along time, again. I've been busy doing other stuff and have only recently gotten back to teaching myself how to do this website thing. Basic HTML is incredibly easy to pick up but also incredibly tedious and boring, even when you figure out how to make templates to make things 'easier' for yourself. I digress...

I've managed to give the site a bit of a new look and have started adding new content, mostly a few articles (non-modeling but modeling-related) and a ton of links. I've been meaning to add these links for some time, as I've amassed a HUGE collection of them, it's just boring to do it! Easy, but boring...

Anyhoo, next up: I'm working on revised and new galleries for the File Cabinet and then I'll get to the Snapshots and Show Gallery pages.
7/29/03 - The site's a mess! I'm experimenting with some stuff that's been an unknown to me previously and the site may be a bit screwy for a bit. Anyhoo, I've begun revamping the Show Gallery so all the images are accessible directly from this site instead of going to a separate gallery page. The separate pages are a bit inflexible for viewing larger images. More work for me, but I'm rather enjoying this. Also added the TEST PAGE which I'm using to try stuff that I'm just learning, so you can pretty much ignore it. (If you like!)
7/25/03 - Bit by bit I'm adding to the File Cabinet; there's now more images of Hs 123's & Korean War Invaders.
7/19/03 - Added a few more things to the File Cabinet; some more photos to the Hs 123 gallery, activated the link to the Humu Walkaround and too three galleries; Groovy Shots #1, a selection of photos from the personal collection of Mike Butry, Korean War Invaders, a buncha way-cool color shots of B-26 Invaders and USN Aircraft WWII which contains images of USN birds from WWII & the immediate pre-war period. All of these will grow soon...
7/11/03 - I've begun reworking the site in a major way. There'll be a helluvalot more to see when I'm done, and the content will be a bit more permanent. Please bear with me as there may be some broken or missing links here and there, along with an experiment or two, possibly giving the site a funkified appearance for a bit. With the exception of a few tweaks the actual look of the site will, unfortunately, stay the same. At least for a while...
7/08/03 - Added another page called More Snapshots, currently featuring a variety of built-ups by a pal of mine, Mike Butry.
6/28/03 - Added On the Bench, an inside look at one of the projects that I'm currently working on.
6/19/03 - FINALLY updated this bit! Added all new photos to the Snapshots page as well as the Show Gallery. Also, the File Cabinet has been re-organized and I found a ton of B-24 Nose Art!!!
3/21/03 - It's been awhile! Added the Ambience Page and an article on Modeling Soundz.
2/27/03 - Added Porsche 917 & Ferrari 512M pics to Reference Gallery
2/25/03 - Added Snapshots page with several shots of models by Buffalo area builders. Removed Guest Book.
2/23/03 - Added How-To... page & an article on scribing panel lines.
2/22/03 - Added more pics of 348th FG Jugs.
2/21/03 - Broke down the Photo Gallery into Reference & Show galleries. Added more SVASMCON 2002 photos.
2/20/03 - Added Guest Book, most links are now active
2/19/03 - Added Photo Gallery: 348th FG P-47's & Models from SVASMCON 2002
2/18/03 - SFP is up and running!