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B-25 Mitchells of the 75th BS, 42nd BG, 13th AAF

The 75th Bombardment Squadron

Rough treatment over Kendera...

This photo was taken by S/Sgt. Paul Smith from the waist of ship #197 on January 10th, 1944. The 75th BS was on a low level raid of Kendera Airdrome during which the aircraft pictured here was hit by ground fire causing, among other things, the starboard main gear to lower partially. Minutes after this shot was taken, the aircraft ditched successfully with the crew being picked up by a PBY.

75th BS Nose Art

Bombing the bombers...

During a raid over Rabaul on January 18th, 1944, Jap fighters began dropping phosphorus bombs on the tree-top-skimming B-25's and their escorts. Not an overly effective tactic, the bombs nevertheless were feared by the allied crews.

More 75th BS Nose Art

Shovelnose and company...

Few surprises came to the Pacific Islands that were as well received as the Bob Hope USO show. Seen in this photo taken by S/Sgt. Paul Smith shortly before the 75th BS's move from the Russells to the Treasury Islands is Barney Dean, Bob Hope, Jerry Colonna, Patty Thomas (can you say "Doll"?), Tony Romano and Frances Langford.

"Dottie got her fanny wet..."

This B-25G of the 75th was damaged by ground fire on the 42nd Bomb Group's final mission over Rabaul on June 11th, 1944. The Mitchell's return to the Stirling Island airfield in the Treasury Islands is described by S/Sgt.Paul Smith, an armorer/gunner with the 75th BS: "Dottie came in a little hot, overshot the runway and got her fanny wet." The crew was shaken but unhurt.

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