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A Word About These Links...

Some outfits double both as Manufacturers and retailers or offer kits and accessories as part of their product lines. As such, they will be listed under two or more categories. Some examples: Meteor Productions, Eduard, CAM...

Modeling Sites - Although there's a separate reference listing below, some of these sites include excellent reference resources.

Cybermodeler Online - An excellent aircraft modeling site with reference and reviews
Fine Scale Modeler - FSM's official site with selected rag features, extra online content and a highly active forum
Gustav's Aerobase - Platinum Wings - A Korean aircraft modeling page, and these pictures are in English too!
Hyperscale - "An Online Resource for Aircraft & Armor Modelers"
Internet Modeler - "A monthly magazine devoted to scale modeling of all sorts..."
IPMS Stockholm - "We don't do inbox reviews. We build." This is a great Swedish Modeling site
Modeling Madness - An Aircraft site similar to Hyperscale
Modelism - A Russian-language aircraft modeling site. At least the pictures are in English...
Scale Hobby Forums - A growing model forum
SMAKR - Scale Model Aircraft Kit Reviews "The Best and Most Informative Reviews on the Net" so they say...
SMML Online - A simple but cool ship modeling site
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index - This is THE modeling resource site, run by a fella in my club
Starship Modeler - "A Complete Web Resource for Sci-Fi and Space Scale Modelers"
WWII Model Maker - "Where WWII History is Recreated through Scale Modeling"

Kit Manufacturers' Sites - Injection molded, vacs, resin, limited run, ugly... They're all here!

Accurate Armour
Accurate Miniatures
Aircraft in Miniature
Anigrand Craftswork
Mach 2
Pend Oreille
PJ Production
PM Model
Revell GmbH
RS Models
Williams Brothers

Model Accessories Manufacturers' Sites - Resin, brass & other fixins 'fer 'yer plastic model kit...

Accurate Armour - Resin stuff and more for military vehicles
Aeroclub - White metal casting for aircraft models
Aires - Some good resin for aircraft
Airwaves - Resin, brass, decals, figures and more for aircraft
Black Box - Great resin stuff for aircraft
Eduard - Brass for aircraft and armor
Falcon - Vac canopies
KARAYA - Not alotta stuff, but it's good stuff
Meteor Productions - Cutting Edge resin & decals, Teknics, Yellowhammer Decals & Black Magic...
Neomega Resin - Resin stuff for aircraft
Pend Oreille - Resin stuff, including some figures, for aircraft
PJ Production - Resin stuff, including some really groovy figures, for aircraft
Red Roo Models - Resin, decals, books... a little bit of everything for the RAAF enthusiast
Ultracast - Some of the finest resin I've seen for aircraft
VP - Verlinden Productions - No description needed; It's Francois & crew!

Decal Manufacturers' Sites

Aeromaster/Eagle Strike - These are awesome aircraft decals from the world's grooviest decal company...
Albatros Modelworks - Really groovy (that means awesome) decals for things with wings from Mexico
CAM - Some pretty far out aircraft decals
Daco Products - Groovy markings, mostly for modern aircraft (Daco & Astra) and Airliners (Skyline)
Eagle Cals/Eagle Editions - Excellent aircraft markings, mostly Luftwaffe but other subjects as well...
Experten - Luftwaffe subjects. These folks don't make a whole lotta decals, but they kick A**!!!
FLIGHTDECS - Not a manufacturer, but this is THE SITE for finding aircraft decals online.
Hi-Decal - This isn't the manufacturer's website (I don't think they have one?) but it shows much if not all of the line...
JBOT - Mostly automotive, I think, but some aircraft as well
MAX Decals - Aircraft markings; specializing in Irish Air Corps, Aer Lingus & non-mainstream civil & military subjects
Mike Grant - Cu$tom-made decal$ by $ome guy named Mike Grant, Alp$-printed
SLIXX - Go fast, turn left... NASCAR, Craftsman, NHRA (no-talent...straight-line), SCCA/Trans Am & Sprints...
Starship Modeler - Sci-fi decals, but some REALLY nice sheets of cheesecake that could be used for aircraft nose art
Superscale - *THIS SITE SEEMS TO HAVE DISAPPEARED* But I'll leave the link in case it pops back up...
Tally-Ho - Great aircraft decals from the Czech Republic
Three Guys Replicas - TGR is in cahoots with AMtech now...
Twobobs - Awesome modern aircraft decals, be sure to check out the BABE OF THE WEEK...

Online Retailers, Mail Order Houses & Hobby Shops

Accurate Armour
Squadron - If there's a classic aircraft & military model mail order house, Squadron is it!
Roll Models - Aircraft, Military Vehicles and Ships
Brookhurst Hobbies - Another classic, a bit of everything
FLIGHTDECS - You want aircraft decals?
Hannants - Squadron of the UK
Aviation Usk Nebraska - "When It's Noon In New York It's 1956 In Usk - but fortunately, we're now in Nebraska."
Military Hobbies USA
Great Models Webstore
Meteor Productions - These folks manufacture lotsa groovy aircraft model stuff and also carry much more...

Reference Sites


Military Vehicles & Other Targets

Ships & other Floating Targets