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Welcome to SFP's Snapshot Gallery
This is the Snapshot gallery where you'll find photos of models built by modelers from the Buffalo area. All of these guys are members of IPMS Niagara Frontier, the BuffCon Boys. (And this month, not by coincidence, two of the "Saturday Night Mafia" share feature status.) All photos by Steve-O.

Revell 1/72 P-47M built by Dave Schwab
Built as "Pengie V" which was flown by a Pole, Mike Gladych, this is one of my favorite models built by the "Goon". I'm a big fan of the 56th FG, especially the 61st FS, and I really like the birds flown by the 56th's Polish pilots.
Minicraft 1/72 P-51D Air Racer built by Dave Schwab
A really nice little build by the "Goon". This one is built to represent the 1970 Reno Air Races National Champion. This shot doesn't do justice to the gloss finish that Dave put on the model.
AMT 1/25 Miller High Life Special Penske PC-17 built by Dave Schwab
This one has a bit of personal history for the "Goon" and I, as well as my Dad. All three of us went down to Indy for time trials in '89. On the way downtown, we heard on the radio that Danny Sullivan had hit the wall in turn four and was being taken to the hospital. Just as we heard this, an ambulance blew past us, undoubtedly carrying DS. This is the car that he was driving when he hit the wall, except for the green trim stripes. Green is an "unlucky" color at Indy, so the stripes were left off for the month of May!
AMT 1/25 Miller High Life Special Penske PC-17 built by Dave Schwab
This shot shows the detailing Dave added to the Chevy V-8 and elswhere under the bonnet. Dave is a diverse modeler, he builds mostly 72nd US Aircraft but is equally adept at building cars, armor and figures.

Fujimi 1/72 F-86F Sabre built by Dave Schwab
Another nice build by the "Goon". This is an F-86F painted in an experimental camo scheme used on several aircraft of the 461st FDS, 86th FDW (Landstuhl) in the mid 1950's. The scheme wasn't adopted, but it sure makes a helluva nice model! The decals are from various sources, including custom unit badges by BlackWolf Decals.
Accurate Miniatures 1/48 P-51 built by Wayne Dippold
Wayners did a beautiful job on this one, painting and decaling it up in the experimental zebra-like "confusion camouflage". Tested by the AAF Proving Ground Command at Eglin Field in mid-1943, the scheme proved unsuccessful. But, like Dave's F-86, it makes for a great lookin' model!
Hasegawa 1/48 P-51D Mustang built by Wayne Dippold
This is a really sharp model by Wayners. He finished this Stang in the markings of Donald R. Emerson, an ace from the 336th FS, 4th FG.
Fujimi 1/72 A-4E Skyhawk built by Wayne Dippold
This is one of my favorites of Wayner's collection. It's built to represent the NFWS Scooter that was painted up with a camouflaged silhouette of a MiG-17 on all surfaces. Wayne used silly-putty to mask the camo scheme.

Hasegawa 1/72 A6M2 Zero built by Wayne Dippold
Another of my favorites, Wayners built this one in USAAF markings. He was inspired, no doubt, by photos of Koga's Zero which was the bird found on it's back in the Aleutians. That aircraft was repaired, flown and tested by the AAF, ultimately contributing to the development of the F6F Hellcat & F4U Corsair; some of the finest fighters of WWII.

Hasegawa 1/72 F-29C Talon II built by Wayne Dippold
This is one of the nicest paint jobs I've seen anywhere. In the parallel universe of the 1980's, the USAF engaged Grumman to build the X-29 for use in the adversary role. 50 airframes were built for the USAF and the USN also ordered a further 12 for the NFWS at Miramar. When, in 1989, the USAF finally decided to buy the F-5G Tigershark for use in the adversary role, the survivng 48 aircraft were transferred to the Navy, giving them a total of 60 aircraft. These were dispersed throughout the adversary community, with 10 going to NFWS, 15 to VF-43 and the remaining 23 being split up between VFC-12 & VFC-13. When the USMC gave up it's leased F-21 Kfirs, 20 F-29C's were transferred from NFWS to VMFAT-401. NFWS was only too glad to give them up as the new F-31A Mongoose was beginning to enter service with the USN.