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How to Track the Wolf...
Okay, if you wanna hunt me down on the net you can try several different places:

GAMESPY! I'm an avid gamer and can often times be found in the arcade slingin' virtual lead at others. I usually play MOHAA (Medal of Honor Allied Assault) or the MOH Demo. I also sometimes partake in the MOHSP (Spearhead), but not too often.

When in a modeling mood, I usually hang out at the Finescale Modeler Forum quite often, OR...

I can be found at the Scale Hobby Forum quite often, as well.

I also frequent some other modeling sites, though not on as regular a basis as FSM or SHF.
Some of these sites are: Hyperscale and Modeling Madness.

Need to contact me with earth-shattering news, an urgent priority-one request or just wanna say "Hi"?

- Email The Wolf -