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What is SPASTIC For Plastic?

SPASTIC For Plastic is a site dedicated to the hobby of plastic modeling. You'll find a variety of things here, from kit reviews & how-to articles to reference material as well as links to other modeling related sites. The intention is not necessarily to be the biggest and baddest modeling site in the world. Instead, I want to start off by bringing you some helpful modeling info, articles and some decent reference material. I also wanna have some fun doing it, so don't be surprised if things get a little wacky once in a while!!

Oh Yeah, I Keep Saying "I" - Who is "I" , You Ask?

Well, "I" is Steve-O! aka BlackWolf. LOL My name is Steve, but "Hey You" will do. And no, I'm not in that photo up there. I'm behind the lens! Anyhoo, I've been modeling for over 20 years now, seriously for about 15. I'm a member of IPMS Niagara Frontier, aka The BuffCon Boys. (Or the Traveling Tonys) So you'll probably hear mention of the club now and again. This is not the official club site though, you'll find a link for that below. Instead, this is a "private endeavour".

The idea behind this site was...not really an idea at all. I was just messing around on the net one day and next thing you know...BAM! A website.

Subsequently I've broken out of the 'template restraints' and have started to rebuild this site, bit by bit, from scratch. HTML is new to me, but quite interesting and surprisingly easy to learn, if not really freakin' boring to use.

Anyhoo, you've already read above about the site itself and what I hope to accomplish with it. On a personal level, however, I hope to provide a place for my modeling buds to go and see a buncha neat stuff, including some of their own work. I also hope to make some new pals. The site may be small, and there's no huge community or forum (at the moment!), but I hope it'll be worthwile. Keep smellin' those fumes!

Fade to Black...

Click HERE for the IPMS Niagara Frontier website...